Welcome to the Analy Education Foundation

The Analy High School (AHS) Education Foundation is committed to enhancing the educational experience of all students by raising funds and engaging the community in support of public education. We are dedicated to making a difference in the future of our school, our students, and the vitality of our community.

Our next board meeting will be Wednesday, December 2!
We will meet in the Analy High School library. Come at 6:15 if you would
like to ask us questions or get involved.

Meet the Analy Ed Foundation’s Latest Acquisition!

This is a:
(a) composter
(b) Google personal robot
(c) Skutt electronic kiln


If you guessed, (c) a Skutt electronic kiln, you are on the ball. This new kiln was purchased with a grant from the AHSEF to replace a 25-year old model that reached the end of its life. Along with two other kilns, it will serve the needs of the 300+ students who take ceramics with Ms. Sandwina or any art class with a unit in clay. Ms. Sandwina says,

“The pleasure is indescribable at having a reliable piece of gear. Student work comes out so much better. With better temperature control, air circulation, and consistent heat, you get fewer explosions and more reliable, repeatable color and texture.”

Here is a small sampling of the beautiful work the students are producing with their new kiln.




The Microscopes Are Here! Funded by the Analy HS Education Foundation

You may recall that Ms. MacQuarrie and Ms. Lupu purchased 16 new compound light microscopes with a grant from the AHSEF because their existing microscopes were so old that students were unable to see through them.

Well, the new microscopes are here and this is what Ms. MacQuarrie has to say.

"They finally came, just in time for our Microscope chapters.  They are amazing.  The image through them is so clear.  The new LED technology for the lighting makes them brighter."

"Please express our sincere gratitude to the Foundation.  In the ten years I have worked at Analy the microscope unit has been a struggle due to the equipment we had.  I am so excited to have all working microscopes with such clear images.  There is a night and day difference.  I am sure the students will appreciate not having to struggle through the labs."

Compound Light Microscope

At the AHSEF we say this is what fundraising is all about.

Thank You Volunteers

Thank You

We would like to thank our twenty-three volunteers, including twelve Analy students, who donated their time to make calls and send letters to our Analy families during our Pledge Drive.

The letters are in the mail and should arrive soon. Donors can support Analy by mailing a check in the envelope provided or by donating from our web site. If you don’t receive a letter in the mail, please go to our web site at www.analyedfoundation.org/donate to download a donation form or to make a donation using Paypal. Your donation may be tax-deductible!

Be sure to check out the options for earning free Analy Theater or Booster tickets with a donation of $200 or more.

If everyone chips in what they can, we can meet our goal of $75,000 to fund grants for things like new microscopes, Kindles for English Learners, and our new AP Computer Science curriculum.

Donations of all sizes are very welcome!

AHSEF November Board Meeting

The next board meeting for the Analy High School Education Foundation is Wednesday, November 4th. The meeting begins at 6:30 PM in the Analy High School Library.

We have just begun our annual Pledge Drive and major event planning is on going. All are welcome to the board meetings, so please stop by and get involved in helping us raise funds for all Analy students.


A Mobile Library for English Learners: Partially Funded by the Analy HS Education Foundation

In a recent survey, Analy High School’s English Learner population reported having little to no access to books in their homes. But thanks to a program spearheaded by Ms. Smedshammer, the English Learner students in her class can check out a Kindle for a year, which allows them and their families access to over 110 popular titles.

This year, the Ed Foundation provided funds for four new Kindles, allowing the program to keep pace with the growing number of students enrolled. Popular titles this year have included The Fault in Our Stars, If I Stay, Maze Runner, and the Hunger Games.


The program also provides Spanish language translation of the books used in Analy English classes like The Odyssey, The Crucible, and works by Shakespeare, which can be tough for even relatively advanced E.L. students to get through in English.

Ms. Smedshammer says, “our students love the Kindles because they can put their finger on a word and have it immediately defined. And there’s something about a glowing touch screen that excites them and keeps them reading.”

Annual Pledge Drive

Functional computers, microscopes and cameras, innovative online software courses, A.P. test scholarships and counseling. These are some of the 30 plus grants that are funded every year by the Analy High School Education Foundation. This requires a budget of approximately $75,000 which comes from all of us, the parents, the community, alumni.

Our annual Pledge Drive begins next week. Our board and a group of student volunteers will be making calls for donations and sending out letters to all parents on Thursday evening, October 29.

Donations of all sizes are needed and greatly appreciated! Please donate what you can. Our goal is 100% participation.

Donation Jar

For more information or to donate online, please visit our donation page at - AnalyEdFoundation.org/Donate - your friends and fellow parents on the AHSEF Board.

And students who volunteer to make calls will get a certificate of volunteer service. Great for the college application! Anyone who is interested should contact student and Ed Foundation board member Sophia Lenschmidt Tarantino in Leadership. A separate email for parent volunteer sign up is forthcoming.

Microscopes that Work: Funded by the Analy HS Education Foundation

Compound Light Microscope


Do you remember squinting through a microscope at some squiggly thing on a slide? Imagine trying to do it today with a microscope from the 1970s!

This is the situation our own Analy biology students have been in for more than a few years. Some of our science teachers had taken to describing what students “should” be seeing rather than allowing students to discover this using their own skills.

This year, thanks to a grant provided by the AHSEF, Ms. MacQuarrie and Ms. Lupu were able to purchase 16 new compound light microscopes. This fully replaced a class set of microscopes allowing students to work in groups of two when using the microscopes.

The microscopes should be arriving any day. You’ll know they’ve arrived when you hear woops of joy from the biology department.

Now our kids will have to figure out just what those squiggly things are!

The AHSEF would not be able to provide our teachers with some of the fundamental tools they need without the support of our donors.


Welcome New Board Members

We would like to welcome several new board members to the Analy High School Education Foundation. Joining the board are:

  • Karen Brooks (sophomore student)
  • Emma Donovan (sophomore and senior students)
  • Rebecca Robinson (freshman student)
  • Wendy Stephens (sophomore student)
  • Kelly Windsor (senior student)

All of our board members are volunteers and we thank these parents for volunteering their time to helping all Analy High School students.