Ever wonder what people do with turnips?

Well, Analy’s AP Biology Students have found an exciting new use for them. They are blending them and using them as a base for their new AP Lab on enzyme activity.
The College Board has completely revamped the lab requirements for the AP Biology class and requires schools to teach at least 8 of these new labs. The curriculum and teaching materials for each lab must be purchased from the College Board.Thanks to a grant from the Analy Education Foundation</em>, our wonderful Biology teacher, Ms. Macquarrie, was able to purchase the teaching materials for 13 new labs for our students.

Miracle of Miracles!


That’s what the audience at Analy Arts’ spring musical production of Fiddler on the Roof will be thinking when they experience the new sound and lighting equipment provided by the AHS Education Foundation.

There’s also new LED lighting and a new wireless remote focus system. This new equipment will give the Analy Arts’ productions a more professional look and sound. It will also help the students learn to use more current theater technology.

Fiddler on the Roof will be playing April 8 -16.  You won’t want to miss it!


sound board

Ila Vandeveer-Hicks at the new sound board

“Something wicked this way comes….”

If you hear your student mumbling that or perhaps “double, double toil and trouble”, you’ll know they participated in the English Department field trip for Analy Seniors to a special screening of Macbeth at the Rialto Theater.

The field trip was spearheaded by Ms. Maxson as a way to help students experience some of the many cultural resources that are available to them outside of school.  This special screening was of the 2015 movie release of Macbeth featuring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard.


The students described the movie as “intense”, which we think is a good thing!  It also generated some good discussions back in class.

The cost of the screening was covered by a grant from the Analy High School Education Foundation.


AHS Yearbook Gets “The Fisheye” Treatment

Thanks to a grant from the AHS Education Foundation, many of the photos in Analy’s 2016 Yearbook will have a stunning new look.

It’s called a Fisheye and is a feature on some of the new cameras that Ms. Nelson was able to purchase this year for her Yearbook class.

In recent years, the Yearbook class cameras have been so unreliable that students were using their own equipment to take photos of pep rallies, sports events, music concerts and the all the other activities that make high school yearbooks so memorable.

With the purchase of two DSLR Canon Rebels, a point and shoot Canon, and a point and shoot Nikon, the students were able to learn more advanced photography skills and have been able to shoot higher quality and more intriguing photos.

Check out these beautiful results.



There are lots of other neat features, but you’ll have to wait for the yearbook to come out to see them!

Domino’s Pizza Makes Students Smarter!

Students in Mr Miller’s math classes are learning how math applies to real life with lessons from Mathalicious, an online math lesson-planning resource for teachers. In the Domino’s Pizza lesson, students learn how to calculate the price of pizza toppings while they are also learning about slope, y-intercept and how to graph a linear equation.


Other interesting lessons include analyzing the depreciation rate for an iPod, finding out whether speeding tickets are calculated fairly, and what factors make pictures more popular on Instagram.

The annual subscription cost of this great resource was covered in full this year by the AHSEF, made possible by donations from people like you.

Meet the Analy Ed Foundation’s Latest Acquisition!

This is a:
(a) composter
(b) Google personal robot
(c) Skutt electronic kiln


If you guessed, (c) a Skutt electronic kiln, you are on the ball. This new kiln was purchased with a grant from the AHSEF to replace a 25-year old model that reached the end of its life. Along with two other kilns, it will serve the needs of the 300+ students who take ceramics with Ms. Sandwina or any art class with a unit in clay. Ms. Sandwina says,

“The pleasure is indescribable at having a reliable piece of gear. Student work comes out so much better. With better temperature control, air circulation, and consistent heat, you get fewer explosions and more reliable, repeatable color and texture.”

Here is a small sampling of the beautiful work the students are producing with their new kiln.




The Microscopes Are Here! Funded by the Analy HS Education Foundation

You may recall that Ms. MacQuarrie and Ms. Lupu purchased 16 new compound light microscopes with a grant from the AHSEF because their existing microscopes were so old that students were unable to see through them.

Well, the new microscopes are here and this is what Ms. MacQuarrie has to say.

“They finally came, just in time for our Microscope chapters.  They are amazing.  The image through them is so clear.  The new LED technology for the lighting makes them brighter.”

“Please express our sincere gratitude to the Foundation.  In the ten years I have worked at Analy the microscope unit has been a struggle due to the equipment we had.  I am so excited to have all working microscopes with such clear images.  There is a night and day difference.  I am sure the students will appreciate not having to struggle through the labs.”

Compound Light Microscope

At the AHSEF we say this is what fundraising is all about.

A Mobile Library for English Learners: Partially Funded by the Analy HS Education Foundation

In a recent survey, Analy High School’s English Learner population reported having little to no access to books in their homes. But thanks to a program spearheaded by Ms. Smedshammer, the English Learner students in her class can check out a Kindle for a year, which allows them and their families access to over 110 popular titles.

This year, the Ed Foundation provided funds for four new Kindles, allowing the program to keep pace with the growing number of students enrolled. Popular titles this year have included The Fault in Our Stars, If I Stay, Maze Runner, and the Hunger Games.


The program also provides Spanish language translation of the books used in Analy English classes like The Odyssey, The Crucible, and works by Shakespeare, which can be tough for even relatively advanced E.L. students to get through in English.

Ms. Smedshammer says, “our students love the Kindles because they can put their finger on a word and have it immediately defined. And there’s something about a glowing touch screen that excites them and keeps them reading.”

Microscopes that Work: Funded by the Analy HS Education Foundation

Compound Light Microscope


Do you remember squinting through a microscope at some squiggly thing on a slide? Imagine trying to do it today with a microscope from the 1970s!

This is the situation our own Analy biology students have been in for more than a few years. Some of our science teachers had taken to describing what students “should” be seeing rather than allowing students to discover this using their own skills.

This year, thanks to a grant provided by the AHSEF, Ms. MacQuarrie and Ms. Lupu were able to purchase 16 new compound light microscopes. This fully replaced a class set of microscopes allowing students to work in groups of two when using the microscopes.

The microscopes should be arriving any day. You’ll know they’ve arrived when you hear woops of joy from the biology department.

Now our kids will have to figure out just what those squiggly things are!

The AHSEF would not be able to provide our teachers with some of the fundamental tools they need without the support of our donors.


Analy’s First AP Computer Science Course: Funded by the Analy HS Education Foundation

Did you know that Analy now offers an AP Computer Science course in addition to the introductory course, Computer Programming? Thanks to a grant provided by the AHSEF, our math department chair, Mr. Hays, is guiding students through an online MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) offered by Edhesive. In his grant application Mr. Hays projected that 5-10 students might sign up, but he currently has 21 enrolled students!

The course teaches Java, an industry standard programming language. New material is released on Fridays, and every Friday there is either an assignment due or a quiz or exam in class. Students may work on the material at any time, from any computer, but most do a majority of the work in class.

So far all 21 students enrolled are doing well, asking questions in class when appropriate, and making their way through the course. Student Devan Royal says…

…The course has been easy, so far.
I’m enjoying it.

Devan Royal

Devan Royal

Mr. Hays says that one of the challenges of an online course is for students to remember that there is still value in writing things down on paper. Many problems are easy to work out with pencil and paper but hard to solve in your head.

The AHSEF grant is to cover the first annual fee for the program. If it is deemed a success, Mr. Hays will apply to the district for on going support.

The AHSEF supports many terrific projects like this that would not be possible without the support of our donors.