Ever wonder what people do with turnips?

Well, Analy’s AP Biology Students have found an exciting new use for them. They are blending them and using them as a base for their new AP Lab on enzyme activity.
The College Board has completely revamped the lab requirements for the AP Biology class and requires schools to teach at least 8 of these new labs. The curriculum and teaching materials for each lab must be purchased from the College Board.Thanks to a grant from the Analy Education Foundation</em>, our wonderful Biology teacher, Ms. Macquarrie, was able to purchase the teaching materials for 13 new labs for our students.

The Microscopes Are Here! Funded by the Analy HS Education Foundation

You may recall that Ms. MacQuarrie and Ms. Lupu purchased 16 new compound light microscopes with a grant from the AHSEF because their existing microscopes were so old that students were unable to see through them.

Well, the new microscopes are here and this is what Ms. MacQuarrie has to say.

“They finally came, just in time for our Microscope chapters.  They are amazing.  The image through them is so clear.  The new LED technology for the lighting makes them brighter.”

“Please express our sincere gratitude to the Foundation.  In the ten years I have worked at Analy the microscope unit has been a struggle due to the equipment we had.  I am so excited to have all working microscopes with such clear images.  There is a night and day difference.  I am sure the students will appreciate not having to struggle through the labs.”

Compound Light Microscope

At the AHSEF we say this is what fundraising is all about.