What We Fund

Every year, Analy High School Education Foundation spends many hours consulting with teachers and administration about how to best use the money the Analy community so generously donates. Because needs change every year we carefully review our funding process so that we use funds in the most effective way. Our goal is to enhance the educational experience of every student at Analy High School.

2013-2014 Grants Awarded

Project TitleDepartment

Amount Awarded

AP Bio Lab RevisionsScience


Computers for ChemistryScience


Academic/Social/Personal ActivitiesCounseling


Film PreservationLibrary


Diverse Literature AccessLibrary


College and Career CenterLibrary


3 Year Grading Program LicenseEnglish


Projector Screens and SpeakersEnglish


Portable Chromebook LabEnglish


Art Display CaseFine Arts


Visiting Artist FundFine Arts


Student Art Show at
Sebastopol Center for the Arts
Fine Arts


de Young Museum Field TripFine Arts


Classroom ProjectorFine Arts


Silkscreen ProjectFine Arts


Safe School Ambassador ProgramProgram


Speech and Debate ScholarshipSpeech and Debate


Streaming TV StudioA&T/CTE Video


 Mid-Stage DrapeTheater


 Shop and Bench StoolsWood Shop/CTE


 Financial Aid for AP TestsAdministration


 Mission District Field TripLanguage


 Chromebook LabSpecial Education


 Tiger TimesTiger Times/Journalism


 National Teen Leadership ProgramProject Success


 Project GradSenior Event



Total Amount Awarded


2012-2013 Grants Awarded

Project Title Department

Amount Awarded

Digital Music Lab Equipment Music


Project Make - Computer Updates ROP


Future Vision Mentoring Program Counseling


Academic/Social/Personal Activities Counseling


Digital Photography - Cameras & Lights Art


Speech & Debate Scholarships Speech & Debate Team


Visiting Artist Fund Art


Mobile Classroom tablets P.E.


Field Trip to Mission District Spanish


Technology Updates Room #211 All students


Tiger Times Journalism Club/ Tiger Times


Computer for Students in Art Room Art


ROP Video - Replace video cameras ROP


Digital Video Camera for Microscope Science


Kiln Maintenance Art


Student Art Show Art


12" Compound Mitre Chop Saw Wood Shop


DeYoung Museum Field Trip Trans. Art


 Centros Student Center Tablets Spanish Dept.


 Technology Updates in Library All Students


 Technology Updates in English Class English


 Computers for Chemistry Labs Science


 Online Grading Program English


 Floriculture Lab Supplies Agriculture


 Farming Tractor Agriculture


 Project Grad Seniors


National Teen Leadership Program Counseling


Total Amount Awarded


2011-2012 Grants Awarded

Project Title


Amount Awarded

Weight Room Machines



AHS "Future Vision" Mentoring Program



National Team Leadership Proj.



Academic/Social/Personal Activities



Library Hours for Analy Librarian



Speech & Debate Scholarships

Speech & Debate Team


Visiting Artist Fund



Tiger Times

Journalism Club/Tiger Times


Scissor Lift

Theatre Dept.


3D Printer - Maker Bot

Maker Class


Vernier Lab Quest - Data Collection



Digital Photography



Student Art Show



Musical Instruments

Band & Orchestra


DeYoung Museum Field Trip Trans.



Total Amount Awarded

$43, 314

2010-2011 Grants Awarded

Project Title


Amount Awarded

Woodshop Clean Air Project

Wood Shop


Dumbell Addition



Projector for SDC Classroom

Special Ed/SDC


AHS "Future Vision" Mentoring Program



Dry Erase Board & Markers



Classroom Clickers



Wireless Listening Center

Modern Language


Field Trip to SF Mission District

Modern Language


Sound System for Dance Room



Academic/Social/Personal Activities



Library Hours for Analy Librarian



Speech & Debate Scholarships

Speech & Debate Team


Art Prep/Display Hall Cabinet



Tiger Times

Journalism Club/Tiger Times


Painting Easels



Kiln Maintenance



Intern Program, Speaker Series and
New Film Series

Teen Counseling Project of Sonoma County


Continuation of iMac Lab Upgrade



Trophy Case

Band & Orchestra Program


Wireless Access Point



New Books for Teens



Digital Upgrade for Graphics, Ceramics,
& AP Art Class



Visiting Artist Fund



Library Bookshelves



Total Amount Awarded


2009-2010 Grants Awarded

Project Title Department Amount Awarded
Bringing Authentic Audio-Visual Resources into the Classroom Modern Language


"Centros" – Student Learning Centers Modern Language


Readers Across the Curriculum Modern Language


DeYoung Visit: Exhibit-Birth of Impressionism Modern Language


DiRosa Art Preserve Visit:  Guided visit followed by language activities Modern Language


Day of the Dead/Mission District Field Trip Modern Language


Theatre Improvement Continuation & Dance Supplies Theatre Arts


Special Education Support Software Special Ed


3 Violins for Orchestra & Music Stands for Music Program Band & Orchestra


Classroom Computer Art


2 Digital Cameras documenting artwork for advance placement submission Art


Intern Program: Teen Counseling Project of Sonoma County/ WSCUHSCD


ActivBoard Social Science


Technology Update PE


8 Classroom Chairs Art


Garden Project Project Success AHS


Library Improvements Library


School-wide Math Contest Math


Printer Maintenance Kits for Labs & Library Technology


Technology Parts Budget Technology


Spectroscopes for Chemistry Science


Computer Teacher Workstation Science


Stand-up Desks Math


Continuation of iMac Lab Upgrade from 2007 Technology


Supplies for Biology Classes Science


Stop Saw & Work Table Metal Protective Covers Wood Shop


Advance Placement Biology Lab Materials Science


Keeping the Popular Ceramics Program Going Art


Support Fund to Aid Students with Financial Need Counseling


Speech & Debate Scholarship Fees & Stopwatches Speech & Debates


Counseling Department Tech Request Counseling


Visiting Artist Program Art


Safe School Ambassador Art


Total Amount Awarded


2008-2009 Grants Awarded

The Analy High School Education Foundation is pleased to have awarded over $66,000 in grants to teachers and administration at Analy High School for the2008-2009 school year. Thanks to the wonderful Analy Community who helped us reach this goal. Your generous donations help maintain a quality educational experience for all students at Analy High School.

Department - Item - Amount
Speech and Debate Team - Speech and Debate Scholarship Fees $5,445
Special Education - Special Ed Technology $2,764
Physical Education - AV equipment $3,000
Math Department - Revolution Math Training Project $249
Math Department - Podium Desks $1,250
IA and Wood Shop - Wood Shop Safety Items $274
English Department - 21st Century Technology Upgrade $4,833
Art Department - Careers in Art - Visiting Artists Seminars $2,214
Theatre Arts Program - Upgrades for Analy Theater $1,448
Library - Destiny Library Management Software $3,931
ELD - Literacy Improvement $550
Scott Lane Teen Counseling - Intern Program $5,000
School-Wide - Student Financial Assistance Fund $3,000
AAT - ROP Video Program $1,418
School-Wide - "Every 15 Minutes" $5,000
School-Wide - Instructional material support $23,545
AAT - Garden Tool Shed $651
Modern Languages - Supplemental texts for French and Spanish $1,798

2007-2008 Grants Awarded

Below is a list of the grants that were made for the 2007-2008 school year. These grants represent a wide range of departments, programs and activities all of which enhance education and student life at Analy.

Arts and Applied Academics & Technology

ROP Video Film Festival $831

Student Designed Calendar $316
Hallway Art Display Project $216
Digital Cameras (4) $2,592

French Horn $2,700

Theater Soundboard & Upgrades $10,000

Instructional DVDs on Lighting $505

Student Built Display Kiosk for Garden $450

Language Arts, Modern Languages, and Social Studies

On-Line Exchange Learning Program $2,123

Cross-Curricular Program (black-out shades) $800

Speech & Debate Fees Scholarships $5,000

Modern Language Dept Projector $770

Math and Science 
Stools $ 1,574

Instructional DVDs on Physics $863 

Computer & Projector $770

Student Support

Outdoor Classroom Amphitheater $ 2,000

Student Club Equip. (Ping Pong Club) $ 626

Scott Lane Counseling $ 5,000

Alcohol & Drug Awareness Club $ 960

Empty Bowls Project $ 400

Library Books, benefiting multiple departments $ 4,284

Student Newspaper $ 988